Our Ethos

Committed to delivering capital to great companies

The word Leela is Sanskrit for “the playful creation of the cosmos”.
For the past 5 years LC has been looking at small cap acquisitions and venture capital raising in the UK.

Deals that drew our focus were assets that had some exceptional opportunity of growth but required some initial restructuring.

Current investment strategies find it difficult to group venture and distress deals into their asset classes, showing an equity gap to be filled

LC will be leading investment into a new asset class: Distress Venture

Distressed Venture

The theory


Investor Strategy

High growth companies with investors seeking 50%+ IRR

Funding Gap

  • TAM was overestimated
  • Founding team change
  • Competitor aggressively funded
  • Poor unit economics
  • Quicker diminishing returns
  • Slower traction in new markets
  • Bad senior hire
  • Other externalities

Distressed Venture

Investor Strategy

High growth companies requiring stabilisation

Funding Gap

When a venture business hits these hurdles, they are penalised through shortening of cash runway; risk of securing new funding and limited valuation growth.

Distressed Venture solves this by maximising product fit and positive unit economics to stabilise near-term cashflow whilst maintaining long-term strategic goals


Investor Strategy

Securitise investment typically by restructuring debt or by special situation disposal

Funding Gap

Companies that have not achieved profitability


Our impact

Capital currently being deployed


Seeking alternative capital

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